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Mega Blocks parhaps just revealed some of Skylanders 4!

PortalFlip just made an interesting discovery, if you head over to the figures website, you can see a new Mega Blocks set for Skylanders showing us some never seen characters.




We can actually gather quite a bit from this picture. To me these Skylanders have an Egyptian feel to them. One looks like a pharos the other with an animal head which is a common representation of egyptian gods. That blueish cat also could be a new character to the series.

There’s also this picture :

Showing Skylanders in karts. It’s not the first time we’ve heard/seen rumours of a potential karting game with Skylanders, so this could very well show us what’s coming in Skylanders 4 or in a Skylanders spinoff kart racing game.


Fright Rider – Fear the Spear! Quick Review


Fright Rider is a fun one. He’s one of the rare Skylanders that chooses not to be on foot and instead decides to ride a skeleton ostrich. Of the battle birds I always found the ostrich to be under represented and appreciated in video games.

Here is his quick history as mentioned in the Book of Elements :

Before becoming one of the Undead, Fright was terrified of pretty much everything. His list of fears included shadows, curtains, certain types of sandwiches and having a jousting spear accidentally plunged into his head. All that changed when he munched a bag of skele-oats so that he could be transformed into a skeleton and rescued Rider. Now he isn’t scared of much, apart from getting a spear through his skull. And certain types of sandwiches.

The amount of details and careful design put it Fright Rider makes him one of my favorite figurines. His spear could definitely be something your kids could bend or break so be careful!

In game he is a breeze to control. He has a charge move that makes him especially interesting when there’s an overwhelming horde of monsters surrounding you. While he’s charging he’ll push any enemies in your way while doing some (low) damage. Still perfect for getting out of a tight spot.

I find it odd that they decided to make a mounted Skylanders considering this could be an “addon” to the series in future versions of the game. Regardless, you should try to get your hands on this one like most skylanders, he’s awesome.

Please note that this Skylander was originally released for Skylanders Giants. It will work just fine in Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Swap Force. It will NOT however work in Spyro’s Adventure. For more details, see my getting started guide.

Skylanders 4

Details of the upcoming Skylanders game are scarce and far between however, with a bit of investigating, we can guess some of the details of the upcoming game. Unfortunately the game was not confirmed during the New York Toy Fair but maybe we can expect more details during this year’s E3.

There’s a whole bunch of speculation going around, will we see a Karting game where we can the take top of our Swap Force Skylanders and plop them in a vehicle? There’s also talk about having articulate figurines. This would be awesome considering how much my daughters play with these figurines, giving them more playfull aspect out of the game would be great.

To try and sneak more information about Skylanders 4, I recommend heading over to forbes and read this article.

Decent Skylanders Collection!

I love my local game store, they treat their products with respect and do a great job at showcasing their Skylanders collection.

Their pre-played Skylanders are constantly in rotation and I was lucky to find some rather rare ones there. From legendary editions to console packages only figurines.

Here is the current state of what they have to offer :


Spring Time Skylanders

Due out this April, you can bet that those Skylanders will not stay on the shelves very long! Part of the 4th wave, 3 Skylanders will come in an egg shell type packaging obviously making those the perfect Easter present for Skylanders fans. The one people have been most excited about it the re-release of Trigger Happy, which looks absolutely awesome on his “pastel” rocket. At 10$ a pop, I personally expect to get all 3 and make a Skylander egg chasing game with my daughters.

We can expect the release of Trap Shadow around the same time. Which will be the second and final Swap Force Skylander with the Sneak ability.

Stink Bomb in Stock!


This rather Skylanders is currently in stock on The sneak ability is currently the “rarest” one to find. I got lucky and got my hands on one the day it came out at Walmart and they haven’t been in stock since! I’m also looking forward for the release of Trap Shadow which should be available this Spring.

Check out Trap Shadow right here.